Brett Eldredge – New Album – Songs About You – Available Now

Brett Eldredge – New Album – Songs About You – Available Now

Brett Eldredge’s new album, Songs About You, is available now.

Brett shares that his new project may be the most “him” yet…

Even with four different producers on the project (Nathan ChapmanMark TrussellDave CobbJordan Reynolds) Brett says there’s a seamlessness to the album that allowed him to take the music where he wanted it to go, “It was really interesting because I wanted to try some different and do that and find a different edge from all the producers but I think the way that it worked and why it really seemed like seamless was because these were the kind of producers that kind of elevated me to allow myself to kind of lead in a way that set me up to win it a way that it’s like I know where I want to get and you guys just help me get there and it was all seamless in a way that was so powerful once we got it and I just so proud of this record.”

Songs About You kicks off with the high energy track “Can’t Keep Up” – which Brett came up with as the result of his daily workout routine, “In the mornings I trained a lot in the gym and so I do Epsom salt bath and so I’ll start my days singing in the bathtub you know like people singing in the shower…I’ll sing in the bathtub, and I got all these melodies and I have this ‘Can’t Keep Up’ idea…’Pour me glass of something special, I’m in a mood to celebrate, dance like a devil went down to Georgia cause I can’t keep up with the hell we raised’…I just had like that whole line in my head as I was in the tub and I was just like dancing around like I really need something fun and like cool to opened this record with, and it opens the whole album.”

Along with being a fun way to start the album, Brett says there’s also a message in the lyrics, “It’s crazy, it’s got horns…all sorts of stuff and just a lot of energy. It reminds you that you only live one life and go out there and have fun and try to get it all you got.”

Brett had a hand in each track on the album, as Executive Producer, and co-writing each of the 12 songs on the project.

Songs About You track list;

1 “Can’t Keep Up” (Brett Eldredge/Nathan Chapman/Heather Morgan)
2 “Songs About You” (Brett Eldredge/Jessie Jo Dillon/Ben West)
3 “I Feel Fine” (Brett Eldredge/Nathan Chapman/Heather Morgan)
4 “What Else Ya Got” (Brett Eldredge/Nathan Chapman/Heather Morgan)
5 “Hideaway”* (Brett Eldredge/Mark Trussell/Heather Morgan)
6 “Get Out Of My House”* (Brett Eldredge/Mark Trussell/Natalie Hemby)
7 “Home Sweet Love”* (Brett Eldredge/Mark Trussell/Heather Morgan)
8 “Want That Back”* (Brett Eldredge/Scooter Carusoe)
9 “Wait Up For Me”* (Brett Eldredge/Mark Trussell/Heather Morgan)
10 “Where Do I Sign” (Brett Eldredge/Nathan Chapman/Heather Morgan)
11 “Holy Water”† (Brett Eldredge/Mark Trussell/Heather Morgan)
12 “Where The Light Meets The Sea”• (Brett Eldredge/Jordan Reynolds)

Produced by Nathan Chapman
*Produced by Mark Trussell
Produced by Dave Cobb
•Produced by Jordan Reynolds
Executive Producer: Brett Eldredge

It was something about the process of making Songs About You that took Brett to a new place in his career, and also made him feel like he was back at making his first album, “I feel like this is by far my best work and really in a way that feels like the first record I’ve made some ways…like the first time hearing myself in some ways…like fully”

Sharing what he wants people to take away from this album when they listen to it, Brett says, “I hope that when you all listen to this…and when my fans listen to this, you know that it came from a very real place and I really took it in a big consideration when I was writing this record to call it Songs About You because at the end of the day these songs are about you. They are about my life in a lot of ways but these songs are meant to be for you…and meant to be for us to share together and it’s like a hope you can bring these into your life and then they get you through a tough day, that make you want to dance, they you make you cry if you need to cry and they make you accept who you are and be proud of you are in your life and feel the things and feel this life and be along for the ride cause it’s a beautiful thing if you show up for it.”

The title track to Songs About You is Brett’s current single at country radio now, “With this song, ‘Songs About You,’ I think it kinda shows that there’s so many songs for everybody out there and everybody has that song…so, when I sing this you know I hope it takes you to a place you know if you gotta do it with a little heartbreak you gotta do a little heartbreak but I think these songs could give you what you need when you hear them, and it might remind you something or a person or a place that you were but these songs are about you and they’re about the moments that you’ve had in your life and that way that the music impacts all of us and I think that’s really powerful.”

Brett Eldredge’s new album Songs About You is available now.

Photo Courtesy of Brett Eldredge


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